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“Tailored generation of quantum states in an entangled spinor interferometer to overcome detection noise”,  Q. Guan, G. W. Biedermann, A. Schwettmann, R. J. Lewis-Swan, arXiv:2108.09272 (2021)

“A Cold-Atom Interferometer with Microfabricated Gratings and a Single Seed Laser” Jongmin Lee, Roger Ding, Justin Christensen, Randy R. Rosenthal, Aaron Ison, Daniel Paul Gillund, David Bossert, Kyle H. Fuerschbach, William Kindel, Patrick S. Finnegan, Joel R. Wendt, Michael Gehl, Hayden McGuinness, Charles A. Walker, Anthony Lentine, Shanalyn A. Kemme, Grant Biedermann, Peter D. D. Schwindt, arxiv:2107.04792 (2021)

Characterization of Suspended Membrane Waveguides towards a Photonic Atom Trap Integrated Platform,” Michael Gehl, William Kindel, Nicholas Karl, Adrian Orozco, Katherine Musick, Douglas Trotter, Christina Dallo, Andrew Starbuck, Andrew Leenheer, Christopher Derose, Grant Biedermann, Yuan-Yu Jau, And Jongmin Lee, arXiv:2101.00386 (2021)

“Passively pumped vacuum package sustaining cold atoms for more than 200 days,” Bethany J. Little, Gregory W. Hoth, Justin Christensen, Chuck Walker, Dennis J. De Smet, Grant W. Biedermann, Jongmin Lee, Peter D. D. Schwindt,  arXiv:2101.01051 (2021)

Membrane MOT in a Sub-Millimeter Membrane Hole,” Jongmin Lee, Grant Biedermann, John Mudrick, Erica A. Douglas, and Yuan-Yu Jau arXiv:2011.06692 (2020)

“Characterization of Errors in Interferometry with Entangled Atoms,” Constantin Brif, Brandon P. Ruzic, and Grant W. Biedermann, PRX, Quantum 1, 010306 (2020) DOI:

“Robust Mølmer-Sørenson gate for neutral atoms using rapid adiabatic Rydberg dressing,” Anupam Mitra, Michael J. Martin, Grant W. Biedermann, Alberto M. Marino, Pablo M. Poggi, Ivan H. Deutsch, Phys. Rev. A  101, 030301(R), (2020) DOI:

“Demonstration of the Jaynes-Cummings ladder with Rydberg-dressed atoms,” Jongmin Lee, Michael J. Martin, Yuan-Yu Jau, Tyler Keating, Ivan H. Deutsch, and Grant W. Biedermann, Phys. Rev. A, 95, 041801(R), (2017) DOI:

“Atom interferometry in a warm vapor,” G. W. Biedermann, H. J. McGuinness, A. V. Rakholia, Y.-Y. Jau, D. R. Wheeler, J. D. Sterk, G. R. Burns, Phys. Rev. Lett., 118, 163601, (2017) DOI:

“Arbitrary Dicke-State Control of Symmetric Rydberg Ensembles,” Tyler Keating, Charles H. Baldwin, Yuan-Yu Jau, Jongmin Lee, Grant W. Biedermann, and Ivan H. Deutsch, Phys. Rev. A, 117, 213601, (2016) DOI:

“Entangling Atomic Spins with a Strong Rydberg-Dressed Interaction,” Y.-Y. Jau, A. M. Hankin, T. Keating, I. H. Deutsch, G. W. Biedermann, Nature Physics, 12, 71, (2016) DOI:

“Testing Gravity with Cold-Atom Interferometers,” G. W. Biedermann, X. Wu, L. Deslauriers, S. Roy, C. Mahadeswaraswamy, and M. A. Kasevich, Phys. Rev. A, 91, 033629, (2015) DOI:

“High data-rate atom interferometer for measuring acceleration,” Hayden J. McGuinness, Akash V. Rakholia, and Grant W. Biedermann, Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 011106, (2012) DOI:

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