Latest news

July 17, 2024:

Strontium Winching Wednesday;

Cell and coils are in placed

April 22, 2024:

Serie of images of atoms loaded in a 2D array trap

March 27, 2023: Boosting of single atom loading. Image of 29 atoms created with 32 traps:

January 26, 2023: Time-lapse of our lab build from Spring 2020 to Spring 2022


December, 2022: Congratulations to Nathan Marliere who successfully defended his MS thesis on the strontium gyroscope project!

November 1, 2022: We’ve developed our own atom rearrangement capability to produce defect-free arrays of single atoms (qubits) for quantum information studies. Below are before and after images of single cesium atoms held in optical tweezers.

October 18, 2022: Grant presents at the Experimental Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information workshop at the University of New Hampshire.

July 29, 2022: In collaboration with our friends in the groups of Professor Blume and Professor Marino, we have won a new grant from the Keck Foundation to explore Quantum Synchronization. See OU news release here. Congratulations Team!!!!!

June 20, 2022: In collaboration with our friends in the group of Professor Lewis-Swan, we have won a new grant from DEPSCoR for “Probing the influence of anisotropic and disordered interactions on the dynamics of quantum information in a Rydberg tweezer array.” Congratulations Team!!!!

May 22, 2022: Single atom yo-yo

May 5, 2022: Jamie Boyd receives Departmental Fowler Prize for top graduating senior. Congratulations Jamie!!!!!

October 1, 2021: Marius Gaudesius to join the group for postdoctoral research. Welcome Marius!!!!!

September 12, 2021: The beginning of single atoms

May, 2021: Welcome to our new post doc Akbar Jahangiri Jozani!!!!! \:D/

April 15, 2021: Grant was recognized by the Vice President for Research and Partnerships Annual Award for Excellence in Research Grants for obtaining extramural sponsored research awards of $1 million or more during the past year. 

April 1, 2021: Apparently, the Easter Bunny likes cold atoms! Chocolates are everywhere…

March 5, 2021: Congratulations team! Two new proposals have been awarded for experimental investigations of electrometry with Rydberg states and Matterwave interferometry. Contact Dr. Biedermann to join the team!

January 29, 2021: In collaboration with our friends at Sandia National Laboratories, three new papers are posted online!

  • Characterization of Suspended Membrane Waveguides towards a Photonic Atom Trap Integrated Platform,arXiv:2101.00386 (2021)
  • “Passively pumped vacuum package sustaining cold atoms for more than 200 days,”   arXiv:2101.01051 (2021)
  • Membrane MOT in a Sub-Millimeter Membrane Hole,”  arXiv:2011.06692 (2020)

August 11, 2020: In collaboration with our friends at Sandia National Laboratories, our new paper, “Characterization of Errors in Interferometry with Entangled Atoms,” has been accepted for publication in PRX, Quantum!

July 14, 2020: Cautious development continues on our new Cs experiment.

Picture of the lab using a 160 second exposure

July 8, 2020: Our newest paper characterizing errors in interferometry with entangled atoms is posted online.

May 4, 2020: Welcome to our new group members: Jacob, Angela, Luke, Kevin and Alec!

February 18, 2020:  In collaboration with our friends in the Deutsch group at the University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Laboratory, our recent paper exploring a “Robust Molmer-Sorensen gate for neutral atoms using rapid adiabatic Rydberg dressing” was accepted in PRA rapid.

February 5, 2020: Snowing in Norman. Here’s a striking view of Lin Hall in the snow.

February 3, 2020:  Dr. Hoang-Van Do has joined the group!  Welcome!

February 2, 2020: Grant gives invited talk in San Francisco (Photonics West)

January 2020: Optical tables delivered to new lab space in Lin Hall!

January 7, 2020: Grant gives invited talk at Snowbird, Utah (Physics of Quantum Electronics)