About our research

In our new laboratory space within the recently constructed Lin Hall, we are developing experiments to create large entangled spin states of neutral atoms and investigate new possibilities for high-fidelity quantum control and measurement. This builds upon our prior, foundational work with entangling interactions using ultra-cold Rydberg atoms controlled in optical tweezers, as well as novel techniques for matter wave interferometry.

Our current investigations cover aspects of matter wave interferometry, tunable electrometry in Rydberg states, and an exploration of computational complexity versus robustness with entangled atomic spins. We are developing these ideas in laser-cooled strontium and cesium testbeds. We collaborate extensively on these projects with other research groups in universities, companies and national laboratories, and are constantly seeking new opportunities. We invite you to learn more about our research and the latest developments, and to contact us with any questions! Feel free to follow us on Instagram: grantbiedermann for updates!

Group photo, May 2024