About us

We work on implementations of quantum information processing in neutral atom systems including quantum sensing with atom interferometers, and multi-atom entanglement using interactions between ultra-cold Rydberg atoms.

The spin and motional degrees of freedom of ultra-cold neutral atoms provide exceptional opportunities for metrology and testing fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. Typified by long coherence times due to weak coupling to laboratory noise, neutral atom spins can be coherently manipulated at-will with magnetic and optical fields, and coherent interactions can be introduced to create entanglement. Now within reach, is the alluring prospect of perfecting control of large and complex quantum systems and the ensuing exploration of new phenomena. In the new laboratory space of Lin Hall, we are developing an experiment to create large entangled spin states of neutral atoms and investigate new possibilities for high-fidelity quantum control and measurement. This builds upon our prior, foundational work with entangling interactions using ultra-cold Rydberg atoms controlled in optical tweezers, and novel techniques for atom interferometry.